Friday, May 21, 2010

All Your Base (Are Belong To Us)

The management at Yarra Valley FM radio asked me if I wanted a second time slot for another show. "Is the Pope German?" I replied. After a few blank looks, I made it simpler for them, "Yes" I said :)

Now I just had to think of what sort of show, and what to call it (A very important point for us marketing/designer types).

The outgoing show was aimed at older folk, and featured the sort of records that gather dust in every op-shop. "We want it pumped up a bit" said the management.

That gave me a general direction, but no specifics. This required a bit of thought...
I facebooked friends for suggestions, and was pleased with the response. Thank you fb fans :)

Then I went into my think-tank.

Now, my think-tank is a solitary place, a place where my thoughts can free-flow, swirling through layers and levels of my consciousness that are usually hard to reach. My think-tank is a very deep, very hot bath.

And then it came to me... 'Pumped Up, a bit of Energy'... YES!

It will be christened "All Your Base", with intro music found ~here~ (by The Laziest Men On Mars) and have sounds from the likes of Albert King, Ben Harper, Billy Thorpe, Blues Brothers, Springsteen, Chain, Chris Wilson, Cold Chisel, Creedence, Daddy Cool, Bowie, Deep Purple, The Doors, Eagles, Elmore James, Fats Domino, George Thorogood, Jerry Lee, Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall, Mellencamp, Cash, The Kinks, Led Zep, Lloyd Speigel, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Ray Charles, Rich Harper, The Stones, Status Quo, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Suzi Quatro, Thin Lizzy, The Troggs, ZZ Top and of course Bob Dylan.

I'll even through in some modern stuff that I like :)

People also like hearing local items, so I'll be arranging interviews with local groups and identities.

The show is scheduled to start on Tuesday June 1, from 3 pm to 5 pm. It will be a fortnightly show.

You can hear it steamed live on the internet too from ~here~

And I'll be taking requests... so leave a comment with some music you'd like me to play...

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