Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bat Cave

Sometimes great ideas don't come in a flash of insight, but insinuate themselves into place until you simply can't ignore them anymore.

So the 'new' show on Yarra Valley FM 99.1 each Monday from 9 pm has been a slow but sure process that has grown into existance over the last few months. Dom Troughton, Greg Carrick and Dave Ashworth have been steering the Folk/Roots/Blues show into a new direction mainly without even a solid plan in place.

'The Bat Cave' will still start from the base of Roots/ Folk/Blues music, and, as usual, will probably get hijacked and taken to strange and new territory within the first hour! The culprits for this may range from Iggy Pop, to Lou Reed, to some obscure Reggae artist... but the ride is always worth it.

We will also be trying hard to kidnap some unsuspecting local muso and grill them in The Bat Cave, forcing them to play live for us and tell their life story. We've recently had DYKO, before he gets on the plane for Germany, Jesse Mitchell, and Carolyn Oates who played songs featured on her latest cd.

Coming up will be: April 18, Madeleine Mei; April 25 Buffy Sainte-Marie interview; May 2 Simeon; May 9 Emilea-Jayde; May 16, Katie Harder.
Above: Buffy Sainte-Marie signed our Bat Cave signature guitar 
and posed for a photo after the interview.

So tune in to YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the station website every Monday night from 9 pm. If you are a local muso who would like to come in and play, then email me at

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