Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thought for the day

"You can't see

the Future

when you're looking

at your Feet"

On a human level, illnesses, both physical and mental, can narrow your world and squeeze out avenues of help, which may include your family, close friends, enjoyment of work and recreation, and even rest.
Being a sufferer of depression, I know first-hand the way the world turns gray, and hope vanishes. The mind thinks only of loss, loathing and despair. It requires a concerted effort to remember that the sun still shines!
As a Christian, there are many examples in the Bible of God's followers who found themselves in that gray pit of hopelessness called depression. As a consequence, there are many verses of hope, help and happiness to counter these experiences. God wants us to exist in His hand and grace.
Our past has been dealt with by the meeting of God's justice and grace. Our present is shepherded in His way, with His care and attention. Our future is secure and already built in His love.
Our reality then, is beyond the reach and taint of circumstantial setbacks, and nothing can take us out of God's hand.
No matter our feelings, when we look UP, our Father God holds us secure.

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