Saturday, July 24, 2010

Featured :)

It's nice to wake up to a pleasant surprise....

I cranked up the internet this morning, opened the usual pages (my blogs, my facebook and my photo sites) and found I had a ream of messages congratulating me on a photo that I took of an old railway carriage at Maldon Railway station. It had been featured on the front page of Red Bubble.

I've been a member of Red Bubble for a couple of years now, and like it because:
It's Australian, though it has a worldwide reputation for quality
It's easy to use
You can post large files of your images on it
You can market and sell your images in a host of different formats, from postcards to posters to t-shirts...
It's growing in popularity
It allows comments on your works

The recognition and exposure of being featured gives a nice 'warm fuzzy' feeling, and I'll take all of that that I can get!

So have a visit to my Red Bubble site, check out the photos, leave some comments, and remember - they make great gifts :)

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