Sunday, July 4, 2010

Premier Poet/Songwriter

I'm guesting on Dom's radio show Monday night from 9 pm to midnight. We'll be looking at one of the world's most revered song writer / poets.

Leonard Cohen

You'll be able to hear his early songs, through to his current numbers. Along with him doing duets with the likes of Anjani Thomas, Julie Felix and Sharon Robinson.
Many of his songs have been covered by other artists (yes, Hallelujah is Cohen's, not Jeff Buckley's), so we'll be playing his songs sung by Rufus Wainwright, Tori Amos, Allison Crowe and John Cale.
Tune in to Yarra Valley FM 99.1, and you can also get it streamed live from the website.
Give us a call during the program and request a Cohen classic. 5961 5991

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